Douglas Duhaime

Full Stack Developer in Yale University's Digital Humanities Lab.
Identifying Similar Images with TensorFlow
28 May 2017
Spenserian Networks
13 May 2017
CRUD Operations on Static File Sites
28 Apr 2017
Image Transitions with D3 and Primitive
15 Apr 2017
Testing the Cheap Literature Hypothesis
10 Feb 2017
Simple Image Segmentation with Scikit-Image
20 Jun 2016
Keeping Screens Alive on AFS Filesystems
14 Apr 2016
Plagiary Poets
06 Feb 2016
Visualizing Shakespearean Characters
13 Dec 2015
Clustering Semantic Vectors with Python
12 Sep 2015
Crosslingual Plagiarism Detection with Scikit-Learn
19 Jul 2015
Mapping the Early English Book Trade
07 Jan 2015
Classifing Shakeseparean Drama with Sparse Feature Sets
12 Oct 2014
Co-citation Networks in the EEBO TCP
26 Jun 2014
Batch Processing Python Scripts on Sun Grid Engine Queues
26 Jun 2014
Identifying Poetry in Unstructured Corpora
05 May 2014
Ngram Frequency and Eighteenth-Century Commonplaces
13 Mar 2014
Training the Stanford NER Classifier
10 Nov 2013
Introducing the Literature Online API
13 Sep 2013
Submitting Python Scripts to SGE Queues
11 Jun 2012

Recent Projects

Neural Neighbors

Neural Neighbors allows users to browser visual tropes within 20,000 images from Yale University’s Meserve-Kunhardt collection. This visualizer uses approximate nearest neighbors to cluster image vectors pulled from the penultimate layer of an Inception convolutional neural network trained on ImageNet 2012.

New Haven Building Archive

The New Haven Building Archive documents New Haven’s rich architectural history. Public-facing views include a highly-filterable map and detailed building pages. The app also leverages geolocation API’s, bcrypt-powered authentication, and custom admin views for CRUD operations.


Ensemble helps users identify metadata in Yale Drama playbills since the 1920’s. Built on the Scribe framework developed by Zooniverse and the New York Public Library, Ensemble features several custom views for filtering, marking, and transcribing playbill records.


Transcribe helps users hand-key historic Cherokee-language documents. Built on Iowa University’s Scribe plugin for Omeka, Transcribe includes a number of plugins for authentication and paginated record displays.


DHREES is a custom Wordpress theme built for Yale University’s Digital Humanities & Russian and Eastern European Studies researchers. Largely built in four one-week sprints, the theme features a number of Russian modernist-inspired views with plenty of angular geometry.

Yale Voices

Designed in response to media documentation of student activism in New Haven, Yale Voices offers Yale community members a safe place for archiving topical media. Users can share their materials with community members, but records are shielded from non-university members by Yale’s central CAS system.